The Italian Society of Medievalists is an academic organization dedicated to promoting research into all aspects of medieval studies and to spread the knowledge of medieval civilisation in educational institutions of all levels, and in society.

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A new section of Reti Medievali: RM Open Archive

RM Open Archive is an Open Access scholarly repository, which covers the whole range of medieval studies: social, economic, political and institutional history, as well as cultural, religious and gender representations and practices.
RM Open Archive is open to contributions from all scholars who want to maximize the net benefits for scientific distribution and access: scholarly publications from all historical disciplines (archaeology, philology, palaeography, diplomatics, fine arts, geography, philosophy, literature etc.), including historical methodology and didactics, are welcomed. (more…)

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Coordinamento delle Società Storiche

Convegni SISMED della medievistica italiana

II Convegno – 13-16 giugno 2022

I Convegno – 14-16 giugno 2018


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